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Need a reason to visit England in 2015? Here’s 10

Like most Irish people, I’m willing to bet, my first foray outside of Irish soil was to England, to London to be precise (no awards for originality here). So, I’ve always had a soft spot for visits to England, from the Georgian gorgeousness of Bath to the quaint countryside of Windsor. There’s always a reason to visit England – major sports events, fashion and art exhibitions, music extravaganzas, historic anniversaries, food festivals – you name it, it’s happening in England.

So here’s 10 things to see and do in England in 2015, if you needed an excuse to visit:

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Windsor is an anglophile’s dream

As any Irish reader knows (if you don’t, shame on you) this month will see Irish President Michael D Higgins set off for the UK on a historic state visit. As part of the trip, he’ll be visiting the Queen’s residence in Windsor Castle among other activities. Two weeks ago I visited the gorgeously quaint town of Windsor and discovered your next English country break. Trust me.

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Carnaby calling: Where music meets fashion

Few places are as synonymous with Swinging Sixties London as Carnaby Street. Hear Carnaby and you’ll likely get a vision of Mods, mini-skirts and a golden era of British music, carefully entwined with era-defining fashion.

Flash forward to the Carnaby Street of 2014 and it’s as buzzing as ever. Even though the streets aren’t thronged with rival Mod vs Rocker gangs, music and fashion still infuse this corner of London with an irresistible rock ‘n roll spirit. Despite being a street away from Regent Street and a stroll from the bustle of Oxford Street, these days Carnaby feels like a hidden gem tucked away in London’s side streets. Of course, this sounds ridiculous because London is so well-trodden but when you walk around Carnaby, the streets, shops, boutiques and eateries have a quirky stamp of individuality (without being horribly hipster-ish).

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10 things to do in Bath

“Everyone should visit Bath at least once” says our tour guide. This is my second time here and already I’m thinking ‘I want to come back’. Whether you’re a Jane Austen buff, a fan of masonic architecture, a foodie who’s heard about the Great Bath Feast or someone who’s in love with the charms of southwest England,  or none of the above, Bath is one place I can’t imagine everyone falling a bit in love with. Put simply, this is the kind of place I want to live in, when I’m settling down with Johnny Depp, of course.

You can check out my gallery of Bath snaps at the bottom or if you’re heading to Bath (and you really, really should), here are ten things you can’t leave without seeing/doing:

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City breaks: Where to eat, sleep and act like a tourist in Bristol

I visited Bath years ago and, even though I flew into it, I barely glanced in Bristol’s direction (I hang my head in shame, Bristol). After two days in the city, I see the error of my ways. In short, Bristol has a lot going on. It feels creative and very now yet historic and grand at the same time.


If you’re thinking of visiting Bristol, here are my top tips for what to do:

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Photos: Street art in Bristol

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll probably already have twigged that I’ve just spent 2 fantastic days getting to know Bristol. I’ll post a full run through of where to eat, drink and act like a cheesy tourist later but I couldn’t resist posting about my favourite thing about Bristol first – the street art.

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A shopper’s guide: New threads in Newcastle

Confession: when I think of Newcastle ‘fashion capital’ doesn’t exactly spring to mind. In recent years the city has been immortalised through the antics of perma-tanned Geordie Shore folk and the big haired Geordie queen herself, Cheryl Cole.  So, when the chance to visit the city came up a couple of months ago, I hit the toon with an open mind and found all the ingredients for a sartorially-focused getaway. And I didn’t need a spray tan or false lashes either.


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