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5 places not to miss along the Causeway Coast

The Wild Atlantic Way might be stealing everyone’s tourism thunder this year but there’s another route slightly further north that avid roadtrippers shouldn’t miss.

Driving along the Causeway Coast – from Belfast Lough to the North Antrim coast and all that lies between – is one of the most scenic routes in Ireland, if not the world. Fact. Offering 120 miles of stunning sights and awash with natural beauty, this coastal route is also home to some of Northern Ireland’s most photographed landmarks and enough natural beauty to charm any intrepid traveller.

As well as passing through valleys and villages and spotting historic ruins, unspoilt beaches and rugged cliffs, you can even catch a glimpse of south west Scotland across the water. Gorgeous.

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See the best of Belfast in 6 steps

Guess which city I’ve been to most in the last two years. Clue: it isn’t London, it’s not New York (I wish!) and it’s not Paris. Give up? It’s Belfast. Yes, really. Much as I love Belfast I think you need to plan what you’re gonna get up to before you arrive or else you can end up flailing about and wondering what the big deal is. With this in mind, here’s six of my favourite things to do in Belfast to guarantee you see a sizable chunk of what this city has to offer in one fast-paced weekend. FYI it’s mostly for people who’ve never been so if you’re a local and my choices disgust you…I don’t want to know! (Joke – tell me your picks!)

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5 things to see and do in Fermanagh

So you want to visit Northern Ireland but you want to go somewhere a bit more off the beaten track and less been-there-done-that than the Causeway Coast (which is seriously stunning nonetheless) or Belfast city? Take a trip to “the forgotten county” of Fermanagh, site of this year’s G8 summit and a place that’s angling for top position as my favourite place in Northern Ireland.


Here are my top tips for things to do in Fermanagh:

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