Rum – synonyms: strange – odd – funny – weird – peculiar – curious – noteworthy event 

Hello! My name is Lisa Hughes and I’m a journalist based in Ireland. I write about travel a lot so I’m pretty lucky to visit some cool places and instead of bombarding my long suffering Twitter followers with endless obnoxiously excited tweets (complete with the world’s most shamelessly cheesy touristy snaps, no less) I decided it was high time to blog about it.

Disclaimer: If you want a big serious travel blog offering stats on developing countries and info on airline mergers, you’re on the wrong blog. If you want a travel blog with lots of pics, reviews of stylish boutique hotels you absolutely have to stay in, #foodporn, conversational city guides about what to get up to in key cities and endless unrelated pop culture references, welcome!

Hunter S Thompson The Rum Diary

As for the name of the blog, I’m a big reader so it is of course a nod to my favourite Hunter S Thompson novel, NOT the cack Johnny Depp movie. I repeat, I did NOT name my blog after a Johnny Depp movie. I would’ve went for What’s Eating Lisa Hughes? if that was the case. *ahem*

Living out of a suitcase aside, I like old movies, 1960s Phil Spector girl groups, animals, thrift shopping, music, music, music, F Scott Fitzgerald and writing. I am a Jazz Age junkie, pop culture vulture and when I grow up I want to be Debbie Harry. Then again, don’t we all?

Think you’re my spirit animal? Subscribe to this blog, follow me on Twitter at @TheRumDiaries or on Instagram @theotherlisamarie.

Lisa Hughes, Irish journalist in action!

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