Photos: Street art in Bristol

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll probably already have twigged that I’ve just spent 2 fantastic days getting to know Bristol. I’ll post a full run through of where to eat, drink and act like a cheesy tourist later but I couldn’t resist posting about my favourite thing about Bristol first – the street art.

As the home of Banksy, Bristol is home to some incredibly colourful, creative and thought-provoking works of art, all splashed across the city’s streets, derelict buildings and some unlikely places. A lot of the really impressive ones were part of the city’s See No Evil street art festival which returns next year.

I took the Where the Wall street art tour with John Nation, former youth worker (for real!) of none other than Banksy himself and I couldn’t recommend the tour more. Along the way you’ll see everything from a Wallace and Gromit to Madonna and child…and feel woefully untalented if, like me, you can’t draw a stickman. Art of the spraycan aside, it’s also a fun way to see Bristol. Go to to find out more about this street art tour.

Here are a few of my favourites but there’s MUCH more out there:

If you’re thinking about a trip to Bristol, go to for trip tips or read my next post “Where to eat, sleep and act like a tourist in Bristol”.


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